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PORS9 Marketplace is a proprietary platform developed by Concours By Appointment for buying and selling Porsche® GT, Turbo and Limited Series 9** models originally sold in North America. These vehicles are fully documented in the PORS9 Registry database of 20,000+ Porsches®.

Every vehicle in our database is prospectively for sale – we are the only resource which can both identify and contact the owners of cars not actively for sale – based upon vehicle specifications. Porsche® itself does not have this same capability. And we are the only platform in the world which can provide all of the information on a vehicle that is required to close a transaction – anonymously – protecting owner privacy interests.

PORS9’s collective web assets comprise a unique data and technology platform which allows us to create vehicle transactions that otherwise might only happen by chance. To accomplish this we combine key resources which are not duplicated anywhere else. And as we operate virtually with the lowest possible costs we can undercut all other solutions on price for buying and selling North American high value Porsches®.

The unique combination of assets and resources which we employ are:

  • a proprietary database of Porsche® vehicles that includes their build sheets
  • a search app that allows buyers to drill down into the database by build specification to identify specific vehicles
  • Experian Autocheck data on every vehicle in the database
  • ownership information for both member registered and non-registered vehicles
  • comprehensive real-time market knowledge of demand and pricing variables based upon daily, VIN specific, market updates to the database

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