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What are your services?

We do three things. First, we list for for sale and market vehicles from the PORS9 Registry. Second, we locate vehicles in the PORS9 Registry for purchase. Third, we manage buy/sell transactions under the umbrella of Concours By Appointment a licensed bonded global auto brokerage.

What vehicles do you list for sale?

The vehicles listed for sale in PORS9 Marketplace are primarily, but not exclusively, North American Porsches® contained in the PORS9 Registry database. The PORS9 Registry is exclusively GT, Turbo and Limited Series models. For a complete list of models please visit the PORS9 Registry FAQ’s.

Why list a vehicle for sale through PORS9?

First and foremost we don’t just list a vehicle – we develop a marketing program. We view selling a Porsche as similar to selling a house. The proper staging must be created and the marketing channels must be selected and prepped. Only then will we release a vehicle in association with the PORS9 brand. The truth is that most brokers and dealers have a very narrow scope of clients and other trade partners with whom they deal – so they can only make a few calls and hope for the best and/or blast out an ad with finger’s crossed. There are plenty of cars sitting unsold because they had no marketing plan outside of some pictures, a description and a price.

Because we don’t expose the VIN we can’t ‘shop’ a car. Like a house that doesn’t sell once it is heavily marketed, a vehicle that is tagged by its VIN and sits on the market will have been viewed by everyone looking for a matching example and they will have passed. Once the VIN is on the web it can never be retracted, and in the case of a high value car once the VIN is exposed and if the car remains unsold, it will need to be pulled from the market for the foreseeable future or the price will need to be chased down in a circular fashion until it is so low as to attract outlier buyers and bargain hunters. We market without VIN disclosure.

We are the only integrated platform that markets every vehicle with full anonymity. We do not disclose VIN’s or owner identities until pre-closing. We have developed a unique proprietary Vehicle ID system that protects VIN identity. Our Vehicle ID system is ubiquitous throughout the PORS9 platform and all of our marketing applications. This proprietary system allows us to supply all of the documentation a buyer needs to make a purchase decision with the VIN and owner identity redacted.

We do not carry inventory, take no physical consignments and never take possession of vehicles. Your car stays with you until it’s sold. No transportation risk or time out of your hands in an environment outside of your control. Admire it or drive it until its sold.

How do you market a vehicle?

We develop proprietary listing assets to promote vehicles through the most extensive marketing channel network in the business. Vehicles are always listed on the PORS9 Registry and PORS9 Marketplace – these sites generate thousands of views per month. Other channels are selected at the option of the seller.

In addition the PORS9 branded channel umbrella includes the following selectable options:

  • Social Media Block
    • Instagram – combined accounts over 100,000 active Porsche® brand followers
    • Twitter – deploying # tagged video and image assets
    • You Tube – customized video on the CBA/PORS9 channel
  • Proprietary PORS9 Membership – 8,000+ Porsche® owners, collectors, traders and enthusiasts
  • Proprietary PORS9 Email List – 10,000+ Porsche® owners, collectors, traders and enthusiasts
  • Rennlist Forum – vehicle marketplace listing sponsored by PORS9 to 80,000+ Rennlist members worldwide
  • cars.com – anonymous listing sponsored by PORS9 Marketplace
  • co-marketing partnerships – special situation and other 3rd party channels

What level of privacy can I expect?

You and your vehicle’s identities are always protected. After that you select the level of viewing exposure you want for your vehicle’s listing. From the broadest possible exposure to restricted password protected access only.

We offer three options for viewing limitation:

  • Public
    • Any one can view the full vehicle listing. Viewable content is only limited by the marketing channels you select and the viewer’s member status with PORS9 Registry.
  • Semi-Private
    • Viewing is limited for all except those with PORS9 Registry VIP status or approved Client status with PORS9 Marketplace. Limited marketing channels can be selected.
  • Private
    • Viewing is password protected. Full listing access is restricted to members with PORS9 Registry VIP status or approved Client status with PORS9 Marketplace. We review access requests and upon approval issue a personal password which allows access. Marketing is limited to PORS9 channels only.

What are the requirements of listing with PORS9 Marketplace?

Because we incur considerable cost and time spent to prepare and market a car – services for which we do not charge upfront – we do not represent vehicles which cannot be properly presented. We encourage prospective sellers to visit the Listing Requirements page under the Documents section of this website to better understand what we need to be successful – it’s no more than any proper listing requires – but it is essential. In addition, due to our commitment to support a marketing program, we do require a 90 day prohibition on web listings outside of the control of PORS9 – however we do not require exclusive representation so that you can sell the car privately should the opportunity arise.

What does it cost to list with PORS9 Marketplace?

There is no upfront cost to list a vehicle. We are 100% success based.

How do I list a vehicle for sale?

Visit the List for Sale page on this website and follow the instructions located there.

If I am interested in buying a listed vehicle what do I do?

Note the PORS9 Vehicle ID in the listing – this is the vehicle’s identifier in the PORS9 Registry. Then go to the Locate page on this website to complete and submit the request form. We will contact you to discuss your interest. Alternatively you can Contact Us at anytime – please refer to the PORS9 Vehicle ID in any communication.

If I am interested in locating a vehicle in the PORS9 Registry what do I do?

Visit the Locate a Porsche® page on this website and follow the instructions located there.

How long does a locate search take?

If the vehicle’s owner is already in the PORS9 registry then the search can be completed quickly. If we need to use more extensive data tools to locate vehicles then it is important that the search be focused and narrow in order to shorten the search time frame and increase the probability of success. We generally will not concurrently search for more than five vehicles per Member nor do we attempt to locate vehicles with accident or salvage history or on a Canadian title.

What does locate cost?

There is no upfront cost to locate a vehicle. We are 100% success based.

Why don’t you share VIN’s or owner identities?

There are several reason we do not provide Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN’s) first and foremost of which is protecting the privacy of owner identities and vehicle locations.

There are also legal and commercial data services which place restrictions on the disclosure of VIN related information which in turn limits our ability to share this information until a purchase transaction closes.

We also have a strong reputation for protecting owner privacy. Privacy is an important part of what owners require to maintain confidence that will not be inundated by unwanted solicitation from dealers, brokers and prospective buyers as a result of working with the PORS9 Registry. We are highly respected for using formulated policies and procedures designed to protect owners from unwanted solicitation and work to maintain 100% anonymity.

Can I get a pre-purchase inspection and view the vehicle before I close the purchase?

Absolutely. Buyers must be 100% satisfied prior to the close of a purchase transaction. Contracted buyers will always know the VIN and have access to VIN related documentation, and the vehicle, at the appropriate time prior to release of purchase funds.

Do you buy and sell vehicles?

We contractually function as a purchase intermediary – we do not purchase vehicles for inventory. We operate as a match-maker only. We do not compete with our clients or dealers for vehicles and we never step in front of a transaction. We do not take title to vehicles.

What are your fees and how are they applied?

Our commission on transactions is fully transparent. Unlike the typical transaction with other dealers and brokers with PORS9 the buyer and seller exchange final paperwork which includes a bill of sale setting forth the purchase price paid by the buyer to the seller. Depending upon the nature of the transaction we assess the seller, the buyer or both on the gross amount of the sale or total transaction value at the close. Our current fee structure for PORS9 models is available for viewing in our Client Addendum.

What if I have further questions?

Please Contact Us to discuss your needs, concerns and questions. We are here to support the community of Porsche® enthusiasts with the industry’s best information on the Porsches® we cover, their configuration, history and ownership. Although most vehicle related questions can be answered by reviewing the data available on our website – if not, we are happy to fill in the blanks.

Our engine is running 24/7/365 bringing the Porsche® community the best the market has to offer!

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